Solent Writers Circle

All the colours

By Barbara Grosvenor

Jan had decided to redecorate. She’d been feeling a bit low since the last of her children fled the nest; maybe a change of colour in the lounge would lift her mood; it was worth a try. She looked in the local DIY shop. It seemed bright colours were making a comeback. The last time she had painted the lounge it was all pastel shades – not very practical really.

The wallpapers these days were bold and brash and meant for only a single wall, it seemed. It was difficult to know what to put on the other walls. Maybe she would try some of the sample pots. She picked up a deep maroon. That would go with the wallpaper she had been looking at: big red flowers and feathery black leaves. Which walls would she paint red though; and wouldn’t it make the room look smaller? What about blue?

“Can I be of any help?” Said a voice from behind.

“I just can’t make up my mind about these shades” admitted Jan. “I think I’d best buy some of these sample pots and try them out.”

“They’re two for the price of one today” the assistant informed her.

She gathered a selection of colours and put them in her basket.

Next day she started work, painting a line of each colour in a strip down the wall. Sea green, maroon, orange and charcoal: It didn’t help; she couldn’t visualise the whole wall in any of those colours. As she stood looking at them the doorbell rang. It was her friend from next door. Jan had invited her round for a second opinion.

Immediately Ruby could see the answer:

“Why all those colours together look fantastic, Jan. Why don’t you look for some stripey curtains in those sort of colours. Stripes are fashionable for carpets too. Then you’ll only need to paint the walls magnolia.”

Ruby was right; the room finished looked bright and trendy. Thanks to those sample paint pots she had chosen all the right colours.

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