Solent Writers Circle

Livinia Hammond Cup

The Lavinia Hammond Cup

Each month we write a 'prep' of approximately 600 words on a set topic which we then read aloud to the group. After each reading other members can comment on the piece and make suggestions if they wish.

We also have a number of internal competitions each year including the Lavinia Hammond Cup, the Anthony Collinson Award for Humorous Writing and Patsy's short, short story competition. W
e also share ideas and news of external competitions and activities                                                                       

Programme for 2021/22

Date of meeting
(subject to current government guidance regarding COVID-19. Please check home page for details.)

Prep to be read
(approx. 600 words)

Competition entries to be handed in this month.* 

18th May 2021 Over the Line
15th June 2021 Across the Pond
20th July 2021 The Marmalade Cat
21st September 2021 The Reunion
19th October 2021 At the Bottom of the Garden Anthony Collinson Award for Humorous Writing
"It Shouldn't Happen on a Zoom Meeting"
16th November 2021 A Parting Gift

14th December 2021
Christmas Party
*venue tbc*

Why on Earth Did I Say That? Results of the Anthony Collinson Award announced
18th January 2022 It's the Thought that Counts

Patsy’s very short, short story competition. 
Theme – The Final Chapter.
100 words exactly, excluding title. It must have a title, but this cannot be ‘The Final Chapter’. Correctly hyphenated words count as one word.

15th February 2022 View Over the Rooftops

15th March 2022

The Poisoned Chalice
19th April 2022
Taking a Walk

The Lavinia Hammond Cup Competition.
“Journey of a Lifetime”

17th May 2022 That Damn Cat! Results of the Lavinia Hammond Cup announced (May or June meeting)
21st June 2022 The Machine Stopped

19th July 2022

Just Around the Corner
* Up to 1000 words unless specified otherwise. £2 entry for up to two submissions.