Solent Writers Circle

Each month we write a 'prep' of 500 words on a set topic which we then read aloud to the group. After each reading other members can comment on the piece and make suggestions if they wish.

Livinia Hammond Cup
The Lavinia Hammond Cup

We have a number of internal competitions each year including the Lavinia Hammond Cup, Patsy's competition and the Anthony Collinson Award for Humorous Writing amongst others.

We also share ideas for external competitions and activities.

Programme for 2017/18

Date of meeting

Prep to be read
(up to 500 words)

Competition entries to be handed in this month.* 
16 May 2017 DIY Results of the Lavinia Hammond Cup announced (May or June meeting)
20 June 2017 Too Much Fuss
18 July 2017 A Casual Encounter

19 September 2017

As Grandmother Always Said
17 October 2017 A Night Under the Stars

Anthony Collinson Award for Humorous Writing entries due
"Chinese Whispers"

21 November 2017 Do Not Disturb

12 December 2017
Christmas Party

A Bit of Sparkle Results of the Anthony Collinson Award announced
16 January 2018 What Happened to your Friend?

Patsy’s 80 word competition. 80 words exactly (excluding title).
Entry must contain the phrase “Chances are he’ll never know” within the 80 words.
Use your own title.

20 February 2018 You Promised Results of Patsy's competition announced
20 March 2018 Late Supper

17 April 2018

Storm Clouds Gathering The Lavinia Hammond Cup Competition entries due.
"Once in a Lifetime”
15 May 2018 The Village Fete Results of the Lavinia Hammond Cup announced (May or June meeting)
19 June 2018 I'm Sorry but I've Changed my Mind
17 July 2018 Money Can't Buy Happiness

* Up to 1000 words unless specified otherwise. £1 entry