Solent Writers Circle

All the colours

By Barbara Grosvenor

Jan had decided to redecorate. She’d been feeling a bit low since the last of her children fled the nest; maybe a change of colour in the lounge would lift her mood; it was worth a try. She looked in the local DIY shop. It seemed bright colours were making a comeback. The last time she had painted the lounge it was all pastel shades – not very practical really.....

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Sky’s the limit by Lesley Taylor

“Are you going to see the Flying Circus?" Ethel asked, as she opened her packet of sandwiches. “Of course, try stopping me!” Maggie responded, pouring out a cup of tea from her flask. “Are we all meeting somewhere Saturday lunchtime?” “What about getting some lunch at Lyons, in Commercial Road, and get the bus to Southsea Common?” Edna suggested. “All right, we’ll do that,” Maggie said. From here to Lyons. Oh dear, Mum’s given me fish paste again!”....

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Arthur’s Last Trip

By Shirley Blane

Shirley is the author of The Widow’s Revenge, a full length novel published as an e-book on Amazon and a contributor to four volumes of short stories also published for Kindle, the latest being Temporal Tales.....

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